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FALL 2001


September 20 Brook Thomas, (University of California Irvine, English Department), Topic: "Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Political Independence, Mugwumpery, and Civil Rights"
September 21 Leora Bilsky, (Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University), Topic: "The Death and the Maiden: Between Trials and Truth Commissions"
September 26 Adam Winkler, (USC Law School), Topic: "A Revolution Too Soon: Woman Suffragists and the 'Living Constitution,' 1869-1875"
October 10 Ronald Garet (USC Law School), Topic: "Our Ancient Faith: A Translation of the Declaration of Independence"
October 11 Nahum Chandler (John Hopkins University Humanities Center), Topics: "Originary Displacements" and "On Exorbitance: Colonialism, Law, and Subjection"
October 18 Timur Kuran (USC Economics Department), Topic: "The Islamic Commercial Crisis: Institutional Roots of the Delay in the Middle East's Economic Modernization"
October 19 Kim Scheppele (University of Pennsylvania) Topics: "Comparative Judicial Activism" and "Counter-Constitutions"
November 6 Hazel Lord (USC Law School), Topic: "Husband and Wife: English Marriage Law from 1750: A Bibliography Essay"
November 29 Reuven Firestone (Hebrew Union College), Topic: "Jihad, Fighting and 'Holy War' in Islam: Text and Interpretation in Comparative Perspective"
December 7 Ian Shapiro (Yale, Political Science Department), Topic: "Problems, Methods, and Theories in the Study of Politics, or What's Wrong with Political Science and What to Do About It (Rational Choice Theory in Politics and Law)"