Josefin Baldeh '14

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Undergrad: Stockholm University

I took a big leap of faith when I left my law firm job in Sweden to spend a year at USC Gould to learn about the American legal system. I have not been disappointed. I want to break into entertainment law – which USC reigns supreme – and so far, I have learned so much. USC Gould offers hands-on entertainment business-related courses that have not only prepared me but, as a foreign lawyer, have given me confidence. I have met people from different cultures through the JD/LLM Partnership and the Entertainment Law Society. I have also built strong personal relationships with my professors and my peers that will last a lifetime.


73º F


Michael J. Schroeder

Michael J. Schroeder '82
Vice President, Allied Professionals Insurance Company
I have great memories of my con law classes.